Monday, November 15, 2010

The Memory Tree

This year I have decided to have an empty
Christmas tree…as my heart is empty without Mell.

I would like for all family and friends who want to
participate to bring a Christmas ornament in
memory of my sweet Mell. Something that may remind
you of him and what he meant to you.

The tree will remain empty and we will decorate
it Christmas eve at the family gathering.

I can't imagine Christmas without him…but its
gonna happen…and I just want all of us to remember him and what he meant to all of us.

You can write stories about him that I may not know about, if you like…and send them to me...I love this…it means soooo much to me…whatever you feel in your heart to do that will make it easier this Christmas without him for me and all of the family.

My love to all who loved Mell!

My address is 2379 Pine Stream Ct.
Lawerenceville, GA 30043

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