Sunday, March 28, 2010

God Gift's

Another week gone by without my sweet Mell, the girls at the gym gave me a 100. gift certificate to the Lifetime spa...I had a facial...thinking it was just a facial..but it had its added massage..again for me that relaxation that I need in this stressful time.(this is a great gift for someone going through a very stressful time by the way).
after she had put the mask on me she left the room...I was in the relaxation mode and once again ...God moments happened...I felt Mell speak to me and say” Bring as many here with you as you can when you come” and then the Lord just filled me again with his unfailing full....a love I could never imagine....I just thought I knew His love before...but He has taken me to a new higher level of His love...It overflows...It pours out on me…. ..What beauty...our God is ...

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  1. Mary, I am weeping as I write this, for I have prayed that God would bring to you such moments of His love and comfort!! Thank You, Father!