Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Mell's 4 month Home Going

Avi and I along with Dale(Mell & Dale grew up together) and his friend Will went to visit the crash site today. Neither of them had seen it and couldn't believe anyone survived. It truly is a miracle !


Now I have my Little Avi...she is so sweet...a really good pup...She will be a joy to my life...I can already tell...

But the floods of emotion that came with her were unexpected.

I want Mell to be here to see her...honestly... can I say that to all of you? Can I be that honest? I can just imagine how much he would have loved her...even though we weren’t ready for a dog because of our travels...I know he would approve of me having her. Part of me felt bad because he didn’t want a dog right now...and I know that “right now” has changed suddenly and unexpectedly...so he would be great with it...but my heart is extremely heavy. I Just Miss Him.

Today Matt & Beth and Avi and I went to see Patsy’s family in Temple, Ga...it was my solo visit without Mell to their home.

I love them all so much...I can’t tell you how much...they are all really special people right now in my life...but the visit again was great and really hard...I knew it would be...like I said before everything I do even when it makes me feel good...it’s still very hard.

Avi did really good and was worn out from all the people. It was her first short trip and she slept all the way there and all the way home. I was glad I could share my little joy with them first! I love you guys...thanks for feeding me!

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