Saturday, June 5, 2010

M y R eal H ero







Mell is truly my hero ….he showed great courage in his life here on this earth in many ways…


Today is the day I get Avi, which would have been “Our Puppy”

I feel, again, excited and sad. This seems to be my “New Normal”

If something good happens to me and I feel excited...I also feel very sad...that Mell is not here to share this excitement with me.

I Just Miss him…

What are you missing in your life?

We all are missing something in this life...There is that empty place within all of our hearts that only God can fill... We may try to stuff it with the pleasures of this world...fill it with money and whatever it may buy us...we may try to fill it with a special person...we may try to work to fill it up...But the God who fills my heart...wants you to trust in Him alone to fill the empty place in your heart. Will you let Him in?

Even though my heart was one with Mell’s and has been ripped apart by losing him in this world...God has given me His promise that I will be with him again in heaven...and I trust Him!

You can trust Him with your heart...He will never leave you or forsake you...

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