Monday, May 3, 2010

Cousin Wayne's Letter

This was Wayne's Letter to me after I wrote the goodbye letter to Mell...


I wanted to find a quiet time to read this. You could not have expressed your feelings better and Mell loved getting this letter of love from you. Love is not confined by this world and I know your message found its way to him just as your love will bring you again in time to where he is. Of all the things you shared in this world that have to stay behind love is the one thing we get to keep forever if we choose to. Maybe that is why Jesus said to love God and to love one another were the most important things. Love is the keeper. Mell would have loved flying in Alaska but what he loved more was flying with you in Alaska. When I looked at the pictures that you made of Mell in Alaska I looked into his eyes and I felt if I was seeing him for the first time. They say the eyes are the window of the soul and I know that I was looking at a happy contented man and the camera captured it. He was where he wanted to be and he was looking at the person he wanted to be there with. That is pretty special and he knew it too. Now he can never go again to fly in Alaska but he lived that dream and he will remember. You were a big part of that dream and bigger to him than Alaska. Soon I believe you will dream your dreams and one day you will carry them with you. I can see him smiling as you tell him of your adventures. He will take a lot of pride and satisfaction in knowing that the journey that you began together keeps right on going on both sides of the divide. Your doing your best Mary and that being a better Mary than you could have been without your lives together. Mell doing his best Mell and he knows the difference you made in his life right into eternity. I suspect when you meet back up he will ask you the same thing he asked me when I finally found Tocoa airport after an adventure flight to pick him up in the first airplane Falcon Aviation ever had in its inventory to sell. "What took you so long?"

Mary, thanks for making yourself into the perfect soulmate for Mell Hall to meet and fall in love with. He didn't do that often. It took one special lady for that. I know I am right to think that God was looking for just the right two people to compliment each other. I think the camera caught the wisdom of that in both of you. When I look at those pictures of Mell anywhere with you he looks like he is looking at me in the pictures. He was looking at you. I know he loved me too, but he could never look at me quite like that.

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