Monday, May 17, 2010

New Desire !

Mell's friend

Dale was

working on the


this is his dog

and my new

friend !

From Bills Tower …ours is the 2nd dock

The Cross at the Point of the Island


Wednesday I went swimming and as I was swimming I told the Lord “Lord...I just want Mell to beproud of me” “You know that I am doing what I know he would want me to do” “ Lately when I feel God speak to me, its strong! I felt him say” that’s what I want to know, that you want me to beproud of you too!” All I could think of was that scripture “Well done thy good an faithful servant” I want to hear him say that to me!

This was so real to me...I really know that Mell is with the Lord..

He is right there with him and I wanted him to be proud of me! Now I really understand how God feels about me! He wants me.. to want him be proud of me too!

This is my goal make my Lord proud of me! To hear him say when its my turn to go home. “Well done thy good and faithful servant!” I hope you too will desire this in your is my prayer for Make your God proud of you! He has given you a free gift ..the gift of salvation...don’t keep it to yourself..share it with all you come across!

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