Saturday, May 1, 2010

Solo Flight(click here to see all videos and pictures)

We started out flying towards the city...down the Hudson River to the Statue of Liberty and back…NJ is amazing! Right outside the city is much wilderness not quite as much as Alaska but beautiful!…this is part of where the Appalachian trail crosses… we did several take offs and landings in grass strips…talked to other pilots and looked at lots of different airplanes…several that I had never seen before, I had to wonder if Mell had seen them? He would have loved it too!
Everything was perfect!

Our take off was amazing…I did not feel one ounce of fear. Not at all during any of the flight!
God was truly with me and I had confidence in my Pilot Christina…I knew that God had hand picked her for this very special flight when I was driving down Old Peachtree and saw the Supercub fly over. I had to stop and call her…knowing I had to go up again with her and in her Supercub!

I had to think how we met in McCarthy AK. God knowing that I only had limited time with my sweet Mell, provided me with a female pilot friend… If I decide to fly in the coming year…she is a great encouragement to me…I can't tell you how many pilots have told me they were flying today because of Mell…she told me how her instructor said she would never be able to land the Super cub...and she is now a legend! "The Lady pilot who flies to Alaska! " and last year alone!

It was strange flying without Mell…I always feel as if I have forgotten something…sometimes I have and sometimes its just that I feel I have forgotten him…I turn around and he is not there…
Sometimes I think I feel his presence and I turn around and actually look. It was that way several times on this flight.

One of my friends said" I can see God and Mell High five-n" and I said "Yes " to that. I know he is proud of me and would say thanks to Christina for taking me up.

Mell thought a lot of her too!

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