Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Solo Backpack

I made my solo backpack without my sweet Mell...but the after effects are devastating!  I return to an empty home...and bam! It hits me as if it just happened!
If I have learned anything at all through this grief process it is that everything I do this year as the solos...will be hard when I return to an empty home. So now when I do my Solo flight with Christina… I can look forward to an empty home...I can look forward to the pain of grief...I can look forward to starting the grief process all over again…giving thanks in all circumstances...this is walking through the dark tunnel of grief ....walking through the darkness trusting the engineer of the train(Jesus)to get me into His marvelous light. 
When I say “look forward to” what I mean is I am "walking" through grief…I must walk through it to get into the Light of the tunnel...I know I will come out into the light,but for now all I see is darkness... So I look forward to the pain as the apostle Paul looked at his imprisonment as “the furtherance of the gospel! He continually praised God through the chains of prison!
He was in the chains of imprisonment ...I am in the chains of grief!
Pain=more into His Kingdom(this has happened to me for the furtherance of the gospel)as the apostle Paul said. 
I want to bring as many to heaven with me as I can when I will you come with me into His Marvelous Light? 
You can come for sure if you ...ask Him to be your savior...admit you need Him...turn from your selfish ways...and make Him Lord of your life!
We are so selfish...what I miss most about our serving one another..we always tryed to outdo each other...If he thought I did more for him... He would do more for me…If I thought he did more for me…I would try to do more for him...and in all of this we served one another….So you should serve one another above yourselves.
My conclusion about life is to give up your selfishness and do for others what you would have them do for you...even if they don’t do anything for you...DO IT! Life is too short to be selfish…Forget that petty reason for not speaking to your family member!... Life is a gift that can be taken away at any time! You don’t know how long you will have that Husband....that wife.....that child....that Mother or Father or Sister or Brother...that cousin...that Aunt or Uncle...that friend!~
When you give it up...He (Jesus) will fill you up with His Love!

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